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BEI Blower Cleaner – stainless steel

BEI blower cleaner, approximately 13 ft long and 36″ wide. It has a variable speed controller for the belt. It also has a small conveyor for the debris on the top of the unit.  —  Status — SOLD                        

McKibben Blower Cleaner

    McKibben Blower Cleaner  —  Status — SOLD

BEI Berry Process Line – small line

    BEI Process Line – small operation    STATUS:  SOLD          ...

BEI Blower Cleaner

BEI Blower Clearner  —   Status — SOLD Stainless Steel, Stainless wire mesh conveyor belt, excellent condition.  10ft long    

Lakewood Blower Cleaner

Lakewood Blower Cleaner – Stainless Steel    – Status – SOLD  

McKibbon powder coated cleaner

  Status: Sold McKibbon powder coated cleaner 24  inches wide. Contact Us for more information.

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