Berry Harvest Lugs – 20lb capacity for Fresh Market

Berry Lug 20lb   

20 LB. BERRY LUG–Preferred harvesting lug for “Fresh Market” Blueberries.

20lb Blemished - 300x600


Contact us we have a few brand new lugs (20lb) with minor discoloration.  GREAT DEAL !!!

• Stackable and nestable 180° turn
• Available with slot ventilation or solid wall
• On the ventilated version, slots were added instead of holes * holes get plugged by blueberries stopping crucial cooling airflow, slots do not get plugged
• ” Max Fill To Line ” added inside lugs
• Cross rib in bottom for added stucture
• Each end has a tab area to slide a one hole punch card onto the lug for field ID or batch ID etc.
• One edge marked with dimples to ID nesting vs. stacking
• Name and/or logo may be hot stamped on one or both ends
• Sides and bottom are reinforced for added strength and rigidity
• U.V. stabilizer is available to aid in preventing deterioration of plastic
• Freezer safe
• 100% recyclable
• Food grade high density polyethylene
• 16 x 24 x 5 inches (OD)
• 2.5 lbs
Load Capacity
• Up to 25 lb

• 300 per pallet


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