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Tilt Table for clusters and soft fruit

Bi-directional tilt belt. 14 inches wide and 76 inches long, the chute opening is 32 inches. It is in excellent condition, and was built by A&B two years ago.

BEST Primus Soft Fruit Sorter – PJS-208

              BEST Primus Laser Soft Fruit Sorter – PJS-208    2009 Model OVERVIEW High capacity and low maintenance Flexibility and gentle handling Ease of use with intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) Optimal inspection  due to multiple inspection zones...

BBC Berry Soft Sorter

BBC Berry Soft Sorter 95 Model (65″L x 64 1/2″W) 1 3/4″ drop 34″ belt

Best PJS-208 Soft Fruit Sorter 2009 model

       Best PJS-208 soft fruit sorter 2009 model.  Excellent condition and very we’ll maintained. Contact us.