Reasons to Freeze Blueberries

I think we’re all already aware that organic berries are very good for our overall health. The vitamins that they contain spread a number of benefits throughout our body, but is it possible to make them even more healthy? Apparently, yes. Yes we can.  More and more research is pointing in the direction that...

Berry Pruner – 3pt Hitch Pneumatic Pruner

   Berry Pruner – pneumatic with a 3PT Hitch  

Aronia berry gaining market

MISSOURI VALLEY, Iowa (AP) — A new fruit that research says packs more antioxidants than popular “superfoods” like blueberries, acai berries and goji berries is establishing itself in the aisles of mainstream grocery stores, showing up in everything from juices to powdered supplements to baby...

A & B Clamshell Filler – FL8500 High Speed

A & B Clamshell filler – FL8500 High Speed Packing Machine Status: SOLD – Designed to pack 4.4 oz to 6 oz cups and pint containers (12oz) – Packs up to 300 cups per minute – Stainless Steel construction – Accurate cup filling – Simple to operate            ...

Mulch Spreader

  Millcreek Mulch Spreader hardly been used, almost like new.  7 cubic yard capacity (can hold 9 yards with it heaped on)   Status: Sold  (please contact us and we’ll locate another one for you)