Lakewood Dewatering Shaker Table

   Lakewood Dewatering Shaker Tables   – STATUS – SOLD Remove Excess Water and Create an Even Product Flow  (see video below) Remove water and spread berries or other product efficiently and evenly to create an even flow feeding onto the next machine in a processing line. The mesh deck is driven...

BEI LBT – Model 500

  2010 BEI Little Blue Tall Harvester Model 500. Pull behind. Used less than 80 hours.    

Incline Conveyor – 8ft long

  Incline Conveyor (Elevator belt): Stainless Variable speed 16″ wide x 8′ (approx)

Inspection Table – 8ft long

    Inspection Table (belt): Aluminum frame Casters 36″ wide x 8′ long

Lakewood Conveyor with dryer

   Lakewood Conveyor with dryer and incline.   STATUS – Sold   

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