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Lakewood Dewatering Shaker Table

   Lakewood Dewatering Shaker Tables   – STATUS – SOLD Remove Excess Water and Create an Even Product Flow  (see video below) Remove water and spread berries or other product efficiently and evenly to create an even flow feeding onto the next machine in a processing line. The mesh deck is driven...

Wet Process Line

    Wet Process Line – 24in Wide, 15ft Long, All Stainless Steel, with magnet for metal removal, 2 Blowers for drying, Wash tank with Stainless Steel mesh wire belt    Status– SOLD        

Hydrosorter Water Tank

HYDROSORTER WATER TANK     STATUS — SOLD Holds 150 gallons. Dimensions: 3 foot deep; 44 inches wide; Length is 5 foot on the bottom, inclining to 9 foot 3 inches at the top.  

Berry Wet Tank and Stainless Steel Belt

Status:  Sold  

BEI H2O Process Line

Status:  SOLD