Blueberry Lugs – quantity of 1200

These have been SOLD.   NOTE:  We have more available now.  Contact Us Please contact us if you are interested in lugs, we’ll find you some lugs through our network. We have 1200 blueberry lugs for sale.  Please contact us for how many you’d like to purchase. Click here to contact...

Best PJS-208 Soft Fruit Sorter 2009 model

       Best PJS-208 soft fruit sorter 2009 model.  Excellent condition and very we’ll maintained. Contact us.

Blueberry Lug Transfer Belt

    Blueberry Lug Transfer Belt – 15 ft long

Blueberry Destemmer / Blower / Dryer

Blueberry Destemmer Blower Dryer – stainless steel   —-  Status — SOLD 15ft long stainless steel  

Blueberry Destemmer

  Blueberry Destemmer   —    Status–  SOLD  

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