Frumac – PERFECT Sorting and Packing Line

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Frumac PERFECT Sorting & Packing Line.  — 6 lane cup optical color sorter and sizer.   Note:  See  video of how machine works below.

Equipped with Ellips software
Machine manufactured by Van Wamel. Perfect model OMS400-6 14+0.
Ideal for apples, tomatoes, pears, avocados, lemons and limes etc.
Each individual fruit is scanned in several positions by a high resolution camera and sent to a pre-determined exit.
Can sort approximately 15,000 pounds of fruit per hour..

This PERFECT grader is approximately  6.5 years ago. It has been inspected recently and found it to be in exceptional shape. The cups looked great, chains in excellent condition and maintained, no rust anywhere and overall a used machine we are proud to offer for sale. Very lightly used. In fact, it has been running only 3 of the 6 lanes over the past 2 years. See posted pictures.

It is 6 lanes, with 16 exits. 8 of the exits have box tippers—will do about 15,000 lbs/hr.

Rare find for these types of machines. You can look at the manufacturers website at The electronics/camera used for this system is made by Ellips ( who is the world leader in such equipment.

Perfect Color sorters and sizers are manufactured in the Netherlands by Van Wamel.
Ellips software, also out of the Netherlands, is the developer of the software that is used in the Perfect Sorter. They are the world leader in this type of sophisticated software.
The machine is in excellent condition. Tomatoes (large round or romas), apples, peppers, pears, limes, lemons…..are ideal to be run on the machine


Frumac Perfect S06-02173C-Layout     Weigh station

Drying conveyor    Camera housing