Littau Harvester Over-The-Row XL 2014

Littau Harvester Over the Row XL   contactus_icon120x120x-LetsTalk

This equipment is no longer available.   Please see our other harvesters.

  • Littau Harvester ORXL harvesting system.
  • The largest working platform in the industry, 210SQ.FT.
  • The largest elevator has over 72 SQ.FT. of storage area.
  • Safely store & lower four pallets (6000 lbs) of fruit.
  • Only three conveyor drop points for fresh quality fruit.
  • New shaker system, more selective fresh quality fruit.
  • 56″ wide unobstructed tunnel width.
  • New conveyor transfer systems designed for quality.

Littau Harvester XL   Littau Harvester

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