US: Peru demands greater market share

With the end of the domestic season, the market switches to imports from South America and Mexico. At present, according to a trader, the supply is coming mainly from Argentina and Peru and, to a lesser extent, from Mexico. The volumes from Peru and Chile are expected to continue increasing in the coming weeks. “In general terms, larger volumes are coming from South America as a whole,” states a trader. He reports that both Argentina and Peru expect to grow by 20% this season.

Peru appears to be ready to play a more dominant role in the US market. The country can take advantage of the gap usually left between the Argentinian and Chilean seasons in December. In those weeks, Peru will ship greater volumes, according to the expectations of an importer.

The demand for the berries is good and therefore prices are slightly higher than last year. The lower limit is around $ 20 FOB, but can rise to $ 30. A trader affirms that with Thanksgiving and the holidays in December around the corner, the demand for blueberries will likely increase.

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Source:  FreshPlaza.com