Lakewood Dual Lane Clamshell Filler

  Lakewood Dual Lane Clamshell Filler

Lakewood Clamshell Filler – 4 Head filler

Lakewood Clamshell Filler – 4 head filler  

Speedy 9 Clamshell Filler

    Speed 9 Clamshell Filler.  In excellent condition.   Status– SOLD See videos...

A-B Evolution – clamshell filler

    A-B Evolution   —  12 head clamshell filler  — 2014 model — Low hours of operation. Use  for grape tomatoes, blueberries, cherries, etc.             

Ponis System 9 – clamshell filler

  Ponis System 9. Nine scales and can pack 6 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz and its all adjustable. Machine is in great shape.  Has been used to pack blueberries and tomatoes.

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